Dubai Bombay Club

The Dubai Bombay Club reports ! ;

The original founders of the Dubai Bombay club visited Dubai from 22nd until the 27th of march 2007. Their visit had great impact on this Arabic Emirate State and left it in a devastated state behind.

The main goal of the visit was to explore the enormous market share, great possibilities and the renown commercial policy and tactics of ESAB Welding  in this booming city-state.

It were some days of hard work but the full-members of the Dubai Bombay Club concluded unanimously that the trip was definitely worth while and a great success. The extravagant dinners and late night parties pulled a great strain on the members but they all agreed that it was for a just cause.

Exceptional insight of the intelligent Dubai Bombay Club members narrowed the most important themes of the visit down to some interesting metaphors such as :

“  Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. woef woef “  and

“  It’s not me, it is that man with the moustache

In spite of all warnings Max was detained on Dubai airport with large quantities of  Kit Kat in his suitcase


On the picture above you see from left to right the founding fathers of The Dubai Bombay Club :

Peter “   Flandria-man “ Daane,
Barry “  Groom “ van Heek,
Sjoerd “ Cuban-Cigar-man “ van der Mark,
Henry “ LeaseGlasses-man “Holtrust,
Max “    Kit Kat-man “ Bleijswijk,
Ad Verkooijen while Eric “  the Pink Negotiator “ de Man was holding the camera.

On the picture below you’ll find Eric “ the Pink Negotiator “ de Man on the left and
the famous Kit Kat-man on the right. The two of them set apart for obvious reasons.

Regarding the expectations we come to the conclusion that :

You haven’t seen the last of the Dubai Bombay Club yet  !!!

Don’t call them, they’ll call you.

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