The concept MARATHON PACŪ is the result of continuous product development. It is a bulk pack for 200-350 kg of solid or flux-cored welding wire. Outstanding for welding robots and other mechanized welding stations. Unlike other similar packs, the welding wire in MARATHON PACŪ has been wound using a special technique. The wire is straight and comes out of the gun without twisting or warping. Higher productivity Every MARATHON PACŪ contains more than thirteen 15 kg spools. Stoppages for spool changes and maintenance requirements are reduced by almost 90% - the arc-time factor is increased. MARATHON PACŪ also makes unmanned shifts or production with limited manning possible. Improved welding quality MARATHON PACŪ reduces repairs and rejects resulting from welding defects. You do not need to accelerate a heavy spool, just the free wire, the result is more reliable, rapid starts and less wear on the feed unit. The straight, untwisted wire offers major benefits when welding narrow joints, weaving in heavy material and welding thin plates where the wire must be precisely positioned to avoid welding defects.


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