OK Flux 10.62      SAW

Type Basic

OK Flux 10.62 is all-mineral, non-alloying and the weld metal can be fully controlled independently of the welding parameters through a suitable choice of wires. This makes OK Flux 10.62 suitable for the multi-run welding of thick materials using the single-wire and multiple-wire techniques. OK Flux 10.62 is designed for the multi-pass butt welding of mild, medium and high tensile steels, as well as low-alloyed steels, with an impact strength down to -40/-60C. As it is a flux of the high-basic type, OK Flux 10.62 permits high current-carrying capacity on both AC and DC. To increase productivity with no loss of mechanical properties, OK Flux 10.62 is best used together with iron powder addition. OK Flux 10.62 is especially well-suited for narrow gap welding, due to the good slag detachability and smooth blending with the side walls. Pressure vessels for nuclear applications and offshore constructions in which good CTOD values are required are some areas in which OK Flux 10.62 can be successfully used. OK Flux 10.62 operates better at the lower end of the voltage range.
OK Flux 10.62 gives the weld metal a low oxygen content (approx. 300 ppm) and produces a low hydrogen content in the deposit weld metal (lower than 5 ml/100 g).

Density approx. 1,1 kg/dm3

Basicity index 3,4

EN 760 SA FB 1 55 AC H5 



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