ESAB Aristotig 405 AC/DC

A powerful TIG welding package for advanced welding and for the most demanding applications

Ergonomical - easy to use and set

Many advanced functions - wide range of use

ESAB reliability and support - long lifetime

The base for Quality TIG welding is achieved by a powerful fast reacting inverter. The state of the art regulation supplies fast response and exact settings, resulting in superb performance. Automatic filling of new gas in the hose when you switch on the unit is one of the many ways we help the welder to improve welding quality. This unit has been optimized for manual TIG welding of all types of weldable materials and thicknesses. You can also weld with most coated electrodes up to 6 mm diameter.


The low minimum current of 3 A allows welding in very thin materials. The 400A capacity allows welding in thick
materials. How thick depends on the weld preparation. Alternating current is prefered when welding aluminium,
aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, aluminium bronze and aluminium brass. Direct current is prefered for unalloyed
steels, alloyed steels, stainless steels, titanium, nickel and alloys, copper, brass and silicon bronze.
Basic settings for an advanced TIG AC/DC unit
The angled front protects all the settings and makes them easy to use and read. For ease of operation, lamps show set up information as well as which parameter is in use. Easy to use and linked settings simplifies the welders work.
As on most units of this type there is a method selector, setting of the welding currents, setting base and top
currents, slope up, slope down, post flow of the gas, AC balance control, gastest, 2 and 4 stroke function, AC
frequency setting, pulse parameters, etc.

• The possibility to combine 2 different pulse frequency   settings (fast 5-250 Hz or normal 0,5-25 Hz) together with
  AC frequency control to get better control and penetration.
• A soft-hot start function gives secure starts. Set in % of  max current.
• Slope up and slope down current follows the main current setting this makes it easier and faster for you to reset the


• Spot welding facility. Every time you press the switch the unit will automatically make spot welds according to your  preset slope up, weld time (0,1 up to 10 s), slope down, end current and post flow.

• End current setting reduces risk for craters.

• Presetting of currents with digital display.

Reliability and automatic fault protection

This unit is a robust well proven inverter based power package. Designed for IP23 which means it has been made also for tougher outdoor conditions. If some external input to the unit is falling eg water, mains or temperature the unit will automatically stop and the fault lamp will blink. 5 codes in a display window shows you what the fault was so it can be remedied before you restart.


This unit with an ESAB torch can handle welding in heights up to 7 m from the unit. Quick connections makes it easy to connect the torch to the water connections. It is easy to fill up the built in watertank by using the lid on top of the unit.


In surroundings, sensitive to HF, the lift arc function is the best way to start. The HF has been minimized to reduce risk of disturbance to surrounding equipment.


This unit is energy efficient. So even at full power you only need a 25A fuse.

Technical data
Setting range
  at 35% duty cycle
  at 60% duty cycle
  at 100% duty cycle
Open circuit voltage
Mains voltage
Mains voltage fluctuation
Max power consumption
Max power consumption at 100%
Max current consumption
No load power
Fuse, time lag (slow)
Power factor cos (φ)
Efficiency (η)
Protection form
Dimensions, lxwxh mm
Weight with water

Aristotig 405 AC/DC (DTG 405)
90V (DC) <48V (AC)
3 x 400V/50 & 60 Hz
16,1 kVA
7.5 kVA
23,3 A
116 kg
EN6974-1, EN50199


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