ESAB ®POWERCUT 650 Plasmarc TM

Flexible heavy duty manual plasma cutting

POWERCUT® 650 is a very powerful plasma  cutting package in a tough casing, making it  suitable for most plasma cutting applications.  It cuts mild steel with quality from thin plate up
  to 16mm (severs 19mm). It also cuts  aluminium and stainless steel.
Versatile - Perfect for construction work, for
  production cutting or using it in a hire fleet.

-Compact portable design – Goes to the job, easily moved around
-Delivers big machine cutting power in a   rugged, lightweight package
-Arrives ready to cut, with torch connected and   front end parts in place
- Long-life wear parts and repairable torch minimizes operating costs
-Trigger lock-in for long-cut operator comfort
-Built-in line conditioner – handles poor power lines
-Drag or standoff cutting – easy operation with   little or no training
-Troubleshooting light on front panel
- Template following feature – easily duplicates   curves or straight lines
- Patented nozzles – extended shape gives   good visibility and good consumable life


Technical data POWERCUT® 650  

Main voltage
Permitted load at 40% duty cycle(40oC)
Setting range
Open circuit voltage
Power factor at maximum current
Efficiency at maximum current
Dimensions LxWxH
Operating temperature
Enclosure class
Application classification
Air supply needed
Performance POWERCUT® 650
Mild steel

230V 1/3ph and 400V 3ph 50 Hz
10-40 A
290 V
406 x 318 x 419 mm
25 kg
-10 till +40°C
IP 21
5,5 bar
16mm quality / 19mm sever

The PT-31XLPC Torch
The torch and the power source have been designed to optimise performance, with 4 wear parts and increased wear part lifetime. The result is exceptional - higher production rates at a lower cost than ever before.








POWERCUT® 650 shown with PT-31XLPC torch, optional torch wrap, spare parts holder and wheel kit installed


The Deluxe torch guide kit for circles of 45 to
1060 mm diameter. Center is fixed by pin,
magnet or suction cup. Also for straight line

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