ESAB Origo™ Cut 35i

A new repair and maintenance tool
Your Cutting Solution For All Metals

• Do you have a need to move around and  cut different metals?

• Perhaps you are currently using a  saw, grinder or oxy acetylene cutting  equipment.

• Are you looking for a faster, more efficient  and safer way to cut. Maybe having  problems to cut copper and aluminium?

• Then you need a Origo™ Cut 35i which  is a package that gives you fast and  easy cutting of all materials that conduct  electricity.

Easy To Use
Few controls: mains switch and current setting. Lamps indicate: mains switch on, high temp and correct air pressure.Just plug it into the mains, connect to compressed air, connect the return cable to the piece to be cut, set the current and you are ready to press the torch switch and cut.

The Demand On The Compressed Air
A portable compressor with 1,1kW(1,5 hp) motor and small tank is enough. Supplying 120 l/min 5,5bar. The Origo Cut 35i is preset and has a green lamp showing when inlet air pressure is OK.

The Torch
Is small and compact which makes it easy to use in tight
spots. You can move the switch to a position that simplifies
your cutting work. Drag against the workpiece or have a small

Why Can Origo Cut 35i separate materials so fast and easy?
Origo Cut 35i develops a plasma arc. The narrow plasma arc is
very hot and therefore cuts through materials very fast. Since it cuts fast, heat does not have time to spread, which in turn does not distort or buckle the material. A large advantage specially on thin plates.


What Work Can I Do With The Origo Cut 35i?
Separate plates and metal parts in mild, alloyed (also stainless) steels as well as copper and aluminium, up to approx 12 mm. Cuts 6-10 mm with quality. Makes holes. Cut out figures in a plate. Take out a crack. You can even cut away old welds to separate previously welded items. So a perfect repair and maintenance tool.

When do I use the current setting?
A lower current will allow you to cut at lower speeds to give you time to follow a drawn line for afigure. A lower current will also give you longer lifetime on the
wear parts.

The Origo Cut 35i is efficient and cost effective.
One additional cost is the wear parts in the torch - mainly the nozzle that needs changing. Correctly used they can last up to 1 hour of actual cutting. Now
and then you will also have to change the electrode and the heat shield. The air baffle is seldom changed - change only if it is clogged or has a nick or is cracked.

Weight and size
Have been optimized for repair and maintenance needs.

Technical Data Origo Cut 35i Cutting Performance  
Current range:
Open circuit voltage:
30% duty cycle at:
Mains voltage single phase:
Dimensions LxWxH, mm:
Conforms to:
15-35A continuous
9 kg
EN 60974-1 and
EN 50199

Mild steels -quality
Alloyed (stainless) steels-quality
Aluminium -quality
10 mm
12 mm
 6 mm
 8 mm
10 mm
12 mm

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