ESAB Origo™ Mig C3000i/L3000i & Origo™ Feed L3004

High performance MIG machines with QSet™ function for stable short arc in no time

The professional user’s best option for general
applications up to 300A

Origo Mig C3000i and L3000i are professional user’s ideal system for general applications up to 300A. Exceptional value with excellent weld quality and ease of use. Origo Mig C3000i and L3000i are CC/CV machine for operating both MIG and MMA welding The power sources are based on inverter IGBT technology that provides reliable equipment with outstanding welding

Feeding system for all applications
The power sources are optimised to operate together with the wire feed system Origo™ Feed L3004 . The compact version has the feeder build in the power source. With separte version connection cables up to 15 m provides a wide working radius and together with all standard accessories as wheel kit, lifting eye it’s provide full flexibility.

The TrueArcVoltage System
In combination with an ESAB PSF gun, guarantees that you weld with the correct arc voltage independent of any voltage drop in the welding cables. This means that you will get the same arc voltage and weld result either you have a set-up with short connection cable and 3m gun or a set-up with 15 meter working radius.

Basic Mig settings
Origo Mig C3000i and L3000i is equipped with an easy to set Man Machine Communication panel with the basic function for MIG welding. Together with the inverter technology is the ideal solution to always get the best welding result.


QSet™– Stable short arc in no time
The MA23A panel version has an unique setting of welding parameter in short arc.

Simply set the wire feed speed and the QSet™ will automatically select the correct welding parameters for the required wire/gas combination. QSet™ does this for all valid gas and wire combinations, CO2 and MAG Brazing alike and without any need of synergic lines.

QSet™ is a new quick way to find optimised welding parameters for the best quality weld. Spatter is reduced to a minimum.

It is simple and straightforward to set a new working point with QSet™. Only change wire feed speed to match the required welding power and then QSet™ will select all other parameters for an optimised welding result in the whole short arc area.

All this with only one knob control.

• Auto-repair
• Light metal fabrication
• Transport
• Education
• Household and furniture
• Tack welding


• Perfect for whenever a fully featured but compact machine is   needed
• Totally new design - compact and low weight
• Excellent user functionality from simplified panel layout
• Simply set the wire feed speed and the QSet™ automatically selects the correct welding parameters for the required wire/gas combination




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