ESAB Caddy Professional 200/250

When the job can’t go to the welder -the welder can go to the job

Anti stick and hot start function -easy to start
Automatic arc force Arc Plus -excellent
welding properties

Remote control outlet -when welding pipes
or in damp and confined areas.

IP 23 -for indoor and outdoor use
Designed for simple servicing and made to
last -high reliability

Dustfilter and laquered electronics -
increased reliability

TIG welding -With scratch and RK start
Caddy with it’s professional performanceis the most sold welding unit in the world.
More than 100.000 Caddy units sold world wide. More than 20 years experience of inverter technology has resulted in this machine. A repair and maintenance tool
that you can bring anywhere.
The lightweight Caddy with its ergonomic design is the ideal partner when the weld is in difficult places;away from mains,up masts,down holes...


MMA Welding
Caddy supplies direct current,and you can weld most metals to alloyed and non alloyed steel,stainless steel and cast iron.With Caddy Professional 200 you can weld with up to 200 A and use electrodes up to 4 mm diameter and with the 250 up to 5 mm electrodes can be welded.
Caddy Professional is equipped with an Arc Plus regulator,that gives an intense,yet stable arc that is easy to control.Arc Plus generates smaller droplets, the arc burns smoothly and there is no need to pause at each edge when weaving.Arc Plus offers even better welding characteristics, simplifies your work and gives you better quality


Mains connection
The Caddy Professional 200 and 250 are 400 V three-phase power sources.Caddy Professional is not sensitive to fluctuating mains and long cables thanks to high operating voltage and mains voltage compensation.


TIG Welding
With the Caddy Professional you can easily TIG-weld.
All you need is a TIG-torch with a gas valve,a gas regulator and a bottle of gas.With a single scratch- start you can weld thin mild steel plate or stainless steel with or without fillter material


Technical data
Main supplyV/Hz, Ph
Fuse (slow)A
Current rangeA
Max output
  35% duty cycle A/V
  60% duty cycle A/V
  100% duty cycle A/V
Enclosure class
Mains cable, max length

Caddy Professional 200
400/50, 3
IP 23
3x1.5 mm² , 50 m

Caddy Professional 250
400/50, 3
IP 23
3x2.5 mm² , 50 m


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